7 Secrets from 7 Experts to Help You Live the Life You Want

7 Secrets from 7 Experts to Help You Live the Life You Want
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You feel paralyzed.

You want to move forward, but you’re not sure which way to go.

If you screw this one up, you just don’t know if you’ll have the energy to fix it.

Your stomach feels cramped, your throat feels tight, and your head hurts.
Which way is the right way?

Would you be disappointed to hear that there is no right way?

There’s only the way that you CHOOSE to take, and taking that first step IS the right way.

In fact, taking action – any kind of action, big or small – is the first step to shift out of the paralysis that’s been keeping you frozen.

It’s that first step that starts the ball rolling, and opens you and your life up to new opportunities, ideas, and experiences that help you begin to transform your life to the version of it you feel deep inside of you is possible for you.

I’m hosting a speaker series called Live the Life You Want: How to Overcome Adversity, Be Happy, and Live the Life of Your Dreams. Register here to hear these experts plus a dozen more: https://www.beyondtheinjury.com/live-the-life-you-want/.

In this series, incredibly knowledgeable and experienced experts share with you practical ideas and strategies to help you overcome the adversity in your life, feel happier, and get you on the path to living the life of your dreams.

Seven Secrets to Unlock How to Live the Life You Want

1. Overcome the Adversity in Your Life

Ria Story

In her childhood, Ria Story lived isolated on a farm, where she experienced sexual abuse from her father, until she left at 19 with no money, no car, and started a new life for herself. She is living the life of her dreams working closely with her husband, and since leaving her career to start her calling in 2013, she’s published 8 books. She shares very concrete ideas on how to overcome adversity. http://riastory.com/

You can hear more of Ria’s story, and more importantly, how she overcame the adversity in her life to inspire you in yours.

Listen to the full interview: https://www.beyondtheinjury.com/livelifeinterviews.

2. Overcome the Adversity in Your Life

Peter Wright

Peter Wright was born in England, but lived much of his life with his parents in Africa. Though fortune has smiled on him from time to time, he has also experienced very difficult circumstances in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) and South Africa. Circumstances were so dire in both countries, he was forced to leave with his family and a few belongings. Living now in Canada since 2004, Peter shares his stories and his insights on thriving on adversity while living the life of his dreams. http://peterwrightsblog.com

Peter explains with fascinating real-life stories how he has come to embrace that life is about thriving on adversity.

For his full interview: https://www.beyondtheinjury.com/livelifeinterviews.

3. Take Better Care of Yourself by Tuning in to Your Needs

Sara Oliveri

Sara OliveriSara Oliveri coaches people to live happier lives and to operate happier organizations. A life coach and a speaker, she is one of fewer than 300 people who have earned a Masters in Positive Psychology — the science of human thriving. In 2014, she gave the popular TEDx Talk on “The Two Steps to Lifelong Happiness”. Sara focuses on how to apply self-care strategies and tuning into yourself in your day-to-day life to help you be happy and live the life you want. http://saraoliveri.com/

Sara shares the importance of self-care is and what it means for you.

Tune into the full interview here: https://www.beyondtheinjury.com/livelifeinterviews.

4. Blend Your Heart with Your Mind to Live More True to Yourself

Denise HansardDenise Hansard left a safe corporate job that wasn’t quite fulfilling and leapt into life coaching executives andentrepreneurs drawing on her passion for helping people become their best selves — however they define this — supported by the sound foundation of her education and corporate experience. In this interview, Denise starts with a story and shares her insights and practical ideas on how to marry the heart to the head to help people more effectively achieve the life of their dreams. http://denisehansard.com

Denise gives an overview of some of the challenges we face when we don’t consider the benefits of integrating the heart and the mind.

For fuller details, listen to her interview: https://www.beyondtheinjury.com/livelifeinterviews.

5. Leverage Self-Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude to Turn Your Life Around

Penny BeerePenny Beere is supporting women to live their dream lives. She has come quite a distance from her past living with her abusive husband, and unfortunately being required to leave her children behind to escape this punishing environment. After much healing and reflection, Penny has turned it all around to help women overcome adversity to dream big by beginning with small simple steps. Penny focuses in on the practical benefits and applications of self-love, forgiveness, and gratitude. http://www.liveyourdreamlifecoaching.co.uk/

Penny reveals how she’s now living the life of her dreams. She clearly demonstrates how self-love, forgiveness and gratitude are key ingredients to transforming your life to live the life of your dreams.

Listen to her interview for more details on how to apply these key ingredients in your life: https://www.beyondtheinjury.com/livelifeinterviews.

6. Live the Life of Your Dreams by Actualizing Them on Day-to-Day Basis

Joyce ChapmanJoyce Chapman has been living the life of her dreams for well over 80 years. Over the past 50, she has been inspiring her audiences and working with individuals through her workshops, books, and coaching. She is a living example of an actualized dreamer, living her passion — helping others live their dreams. She’s written books and workbooks, and developed and given workshops, to support people, especially through journaling, to explore and experiment with what makes them feel happy. Joyce is living and breathing happiness each and every day of her life. http://joycechapman.com

Joyce shares how journaling and her love of learning led her to start teaching others how to live the life of their dreams. The wellspring of her knowledge and experience run deep.

Listen to her interview for relevant and practical insights to accelerate your growth living the live of your dreams: https://www.beyondtheinjury.com/livelifeinterviews.

7. Release the Attachments Keeping You Stuck from the Living the Life You Want

Dr. Robert PuffDr. Robert Puff is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist and host of the Happiness Podcast. He teaches a holistic approach to life. He has authored many books on a variety of topics, including relationships, anger management, holistic healing and happiness. “I teach people how to be holistically successful. When you learn to take care of yourself and love all areas of your life, you enrich not only yourself, but all the people around you.” – Dr. Robert Puff. http://www.doctorpuff.com/

Dr. Puff explains how our attachments to things and the results that we want leads to suffering. Life is always changing, so when you let go of specific things and results, you’ve begun your path to freedom, which leads you to happiness.

Hear specific details and examples about how this applies in daily life in his interview: https://www.beyondtheinjury.com/livelifeinterviews.

Take that First Step to Get You Started to Live the Life of Your Dreams

Pick any one of these secrets and start living the life you want.

You can randomly pick any one.

You can also decide to adapt them to what works best for you.

The key: Decide.

By deciding to choose one of these ideas, to try it out, to evaluate how it applies, to adapt it – all decision points – supports you in your quest to get out of paralysis and onto the path (whatever that evolves to be) that leads you to the place where you feel happy and fulfilled each and every day.

Which strategy will you start with today?

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