7 Surprising Ways to Transform Your Life: 7 Experts Share Ideas

7 Surprising Ways to Transform Your Life: 7 Experts Share Ideas
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You feel shocked.

So much bad stuff has happened in your life, even thinking about the possibility of being able to transform your life sounds like a fairy tale.

You can’t seem to get your head wrapped around the problem.

You try to understand how you ended up getting stuck in this version of your life,  with all these impossible problems. But you’re left scratching your head with no clear answers.

When exactly did the seams in your life start unravelling? What could you have done differently? But didn’t, and now it’s too late.

You want to move forward, but you’re scared because you don’t want to screw things up even worse. But you can’t stay in this holding pattern much longer because you know that will lead to you feeling even more stuck.

So, you resolve that somehow you have to keep moving forward.

Somehow. Some way.

Oddly, a key strategy to moving forward is to start by imagining the life that you do want – even if it sounds like a fairy tale.

Think of it this way. Let’s say you’re going for a long walk. Looking up and forward to your destination helps you create a sense of purpose of where you intend to go. If you keep your eyes on your feet, you could end up going around in circles and never leave your front yard.

This same principle applies to overcoming the adversity in your life to live the life of your dreams.

Experts in the speakers’ series I’m hosting speak to this very issue. The series is called Live the Life of You Want: How to Overcome Adversity, Be Happy, and Live the Life of Your Dreams.

Experts Share Secrets to Help You Unlock Your Potential and Transform Your Life

1. Re-negotiate the relationships in your life as you align to live the life you want

Dr. Lisa LeitThe importance of balancing your needs against those with whom you share a relationship is a topic that Dr. Lisa Leit has studied closely. This included work understanding how narcissistic behaviors show up in a relationship. Dr. Leit obtained her Ph.D. in understanding how people interact with each other, especially in tough situations. She is also the founder of the Happy Whole Human Holistic Wellness Institute.

In this interview, she focuses on strategies to help you re-negotiate the relationships in your life as you re-align your life to live the life you want. The task can be challenging. It might not always work out the way you want, though you will feel stronger learning to speak your truth. This breakthrough will help you continue to move closer to your goal of living the best version of your life.

Listen to Dr. Leit share with listeners what you need to know about re-negotiating relationships in your life as you align to live the life you want: https://www.beyondtheinjury.com/livelifeinterviews.

2. Take control of how you define your success to help you transform your life

Michael LifshitzLearning to define success on your terms is key to living a happy life, says Michael Liftshitz, a man born without hips. He is also chartered accountant, does comedy and writes to educate people on what people with disabilities can do. His condition is called Multiple Congenital Musculoskeletal Abnormalities. He had many surgeries when he was a child to construct his hips. Over time, his hips have worn out. He now wears an artificial leg, walks with a cane and uses a wheelchair for longer distances.

Explore practical ideas on how to overcome adversity, so that you can live the life that you want. Michael believes that reframing within your mind the mountains of problems that you face into perceiving them as speed bumps can make a big difference for you to achieve the goals you have defined for yourself. He also recommends that you create a balance sheet listing the things you love doing on one side, and on the other side the things that you don’t like doing. From this list, you can see more clearly where you can reduce the things you don’t like doing, and increase investing more time doing the things that you love.

To learn more about defining your success, you can listen to Michael’s interview:  https://www.beyondtheinjury.com/livelifeinterviews.

3. Use body movement techniques to help you feel stronger physically — and emotionally

Birgit PestalozziIt’s possible to influence your emotions by changing how you move your body. Birgit Pestalozzi helps her clients, usually single people, learn about the essence of love and relationships to help better equip themselves for loving relationships. After recovering from a severe accident in 2014, she decided to leave her corporate job as Head of Marketing for Ernst & Young to live a life of freedom. As a digital nomad, she travels from Europe, to Africa and the Americas, while operating her coaching business while living the life she wants.

Birgit shares simple and practical body movements you can do help shift your feelings into a more peaceful and energetic space. You would be surprised at what the simplest physical motions can do to lift your spirits, and help you turn around a not-so-great day into one leaving you feeling stronger and more in control in your life.

To learn specific body movement techniques to support you to feel stronger physically and emotionally, listen to her interview: https://www.beyondtheinjury.com/livelifeinterviews.

4. Leverage three secrets to prayer to transform your life

Dr. Joe VitalePrayer can be approached in a slightly different way to yield better results. It sounds weird saying that, but Dr. Joe Vitale explains that simply shifting from a “begging” frame of mind to an “abundant” frame of mind makes all the difference. Dr. Vitale, once a homeless man for ten years, has changed his life to live the life he wants by applying the techniques he shares in the interview. Now, he is a best-selling author of numerous books, has appeared in many movies most notably The Secret, and has released quite a few music CDs. Through his marketing consulting firm, has served the Red Cross, PBS, the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, and many more.

When you pray, having shifted to a mind set where you appreciate the simple and wondrous things in your life alike, you create an emotional space where you are ready to receive more good things. When you pray from a place of desperation, you create an emotional space of starvation and there’s little room left for good things to come into your life. Applying these secrets to your life can make a big difference to overcoming the adversity in your life – simply by changing the way you perceive adversity.

In his interview to support you to transform your life, Dr. Vitale discusses these techniques and more: https://www.beyondtheinjury.com/livelifeinterviews.

5. Transform your life learning to acknowledge and release strong emotions like anger 

Dr. Christian ConteAnger is a strong emotion that can mislead us and undermine our personal power. At first, you feel stronger, but over time, anger seduces you to justify behavior you never would have accepted from yourself, or anyone else. Dr. Christian Conte has worked with many people who have had to learn to manage their emotions to improve their performance, e.g., sports teams, people convicted of violent crimes, and so on. He hosts the Tackling Life podcast with Ray Lewis. Dr. Conte created a powerful approach to change which he named Yield Theory. It combines radical compassion with conscious education to effectively treat anger issues.

Learning to manage your anger is an important step to living the life you want. Whether you’re dealing with outright anger, suppressed rage, or frustration, it’s essential to acknowledge that these emotions exist in your life. Why? So that you can get into the driver’s seat managing your emotions rather than let them manage you.

Listen to Dr. Conte’s interview to hear more practical strategies that he has shared with clients over the years to help them manage their anger: https://www.beyondtheinjury.com/livelifeinterviews.

6. Release the trauma in your DNA to give yourself another chance at living the life you want

Karol K. TrumanLearning to release the bad stuff that has happened to you in your life feels like an impossible task. Where to start? How to start? Karol K. Truman has been working with people for over twenty years to help people to transform their lives. She has authored several books in which she shares insights she has learned to help you release the trauma of your past to get on with living the life you want. She also delivered countless workshops and seminars to promote transformational change.

Figuring out how to move forward in your life can feel overwhelming, but it’s not impossible. Karol shares practical secrets in her interview that have helped bring transformational change tool. One secret is a tool that she uses to help you get your DNA back to its original blueprint – to help you release the trauma in your DNA – so that you can move forward in a positive way in your life.

Listen to her interview to learn more about the tool and additional strategies she discusses to help you transform your life: https://www.beyondtheinjury.com/livelifeinterviews.

7. Be aware of how your “I AM” statements are dragging you down, and how they can lift you up to transform your life

Coach Sherry WinnTake notice of how you speak to yourself. Are you constantly telling yourself what you can’t do? Don’t deserve? And so on? Coach Sherry Winn explains precisely why the words that follow “I am” can bring you down or lift you up. Coach Winn is a two-time Olympian, a national championship basketball coach and an Amazon best seller. Though there was a time she was so depressed she wanted to end her life, she explains. Further, the chronic pain she faced in her life was so debilitating she couldn’t get out of bed. A key secret to her recovery and her success was to take control of her “I am statements.”

You’ll be bowled over how many bad things you say to yourself in a day when you start noticing the words you say after “I am.” The key point here is that your subconscious believes what you say after “I am,” and goes about its work to make those statements true. How might you be able to overcome the adversity in your life if you simply change your negative statements into positive statements? It’s a very powerful tool on your journey to transform your life.

To learn about the “I am” statement secret, as well as other techniques Coach Winn shares in her interview: https://www.beyondtheinjury.com/livelifeinterviews.

To transform your life, choose any one of the tools above to get you started

Keep your eyes up and looking forward. Imagine you are watching the fairy tale version of your life unfold the way you watch a movie you love.

Step by step, move toward that best version of your life. Roadblocks, and traffic jams, and any number of challenges will show up on your walk to that imagined life.

The key is to avoid looking down and getting stuck thinking about your feet. Stay focused on the dream, and your feet will figure out a way to get you there.

What is the secret dream you have for your life that you won’t even admit to yourself? Why not start there?


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