About Beyond the Injury project


Beyond the Injury is intended to support you to get back on track living the life designed specifically for you.


You didn’t mean for it to happen. To get off track, I mean. You’re not even if sure if that’s the real issue.


All you know is that you feel in your heart that you were meant for something great and amazing, but somehow, life got in the way, and you’re not living to your full potential.


Sure, you had to make sacrifices along the way. Very often, for very good reasons. Then, other stuff happened that took up more of your time and energy than you meant to give away.


But you just know deep down that there’s something more for you, and that what you’re doing right now is not quite it. But you’re not really sure how to get to where you feel you need to be.


Beyond the Injury is about letting go of the pain and the disappointments, and getting on with doing your life’s work. You do have a purpose to fulfill.


The goal of Beyond the Injury is to help you figure out what that purpose is and get on with serving it.  This is what will give you strength and happiness beyond your wildest imaginings.


Your happiness serving your purpose will cascade into every aspect of your life.



About Gisele Thomson


Gisele Thomson has experienced that sense of feeling invisible in your life serving everyone’s needs at the expense of your own.


She continues to support her disabled husband of 25+ years while they raise their five children together. As the sole income provider over the past ten years, working a full-time job during the day while also managing her family responsibilities, she carves out time evenings and weekends to make the life of her dreams a reality.


As much as she loves her family, she has come to realize that her life is more than a collection of roles – wife, mother, employee. These roles are simply aspects of who she is.


Gisele loves to write poetry, craft songs and play music, and read and write speculative fiction. Doing these things at a professional level, daily, is what she is striving to live as she fosters within others the desire and drive to reach for their BIG DREAMS.


The biggest dream of all driving her to get up very early every morning to do the work ? – to travel with her children and husband anywhere, anytime and anyhow.