How We Help You

How the Beyond the Injury Project Aims to Help You


Beyond the is about supporting you on your journey to the center of who you truly are and what you’re really meant to be doing.


We are developing practical and useful programming to support you. Beginning with the topic of living the life you want, we invite you to dare to dream the life that is your true calling.



Live the Life You Want


We are really excited about the results of the speaker series Live the Life You Want. Experienced and caring experts contributed very strong practical ideas to help people figure out ways to get back on track living the life they want.


In interviews with experts, we explore what you can do to help you overcome adversity, be happy and live the life of your dreams.


View the Live the Life You Want page for more information about our work on this topic.



Blog Posts Featuring Ideas Shared by the Experts of the “Live the Life You Want” Series


To help you quickly get to the practical tools and strategies the experts discussed in the interviews, we’re developing a series of web posts.


Designed to support you to get started immediately on transforming your life to live the best version of your life, these posts highlight key ideas from each expert in a list format so that you can easily scan and decide which tool resonates most with you.


Links to the full video interviews and quick video clips enhance the usefulness of these blog posts to support you in your journey to live the life you want.


These blog post are collected in the archives for this series:



Video Resources


We’ve launched a collection of videos. They include interviews with experts, video recordings of published blog posts, and so on.